What is mobile or nature based Occupational Therapy? Mobile OT is served in the home or community, libraries, restaurants, stores, etc. Nature based OT is served in natural surroundings, including parks, your yard, school playgrounds, other natural areas, etc. 

What sets WildFree apart from other providers? Jillian has extensive knowledge, training and experience working with children and families in regards to emotional and behavioral challenges. She works closely with families to create a holistic approach, not aiming to change anyone. Jillian is a mom to a child with special needs, was an educator for 10 years, taught at residential treatment centers and trained in several de-escalation strategies and uses an integrated approach to assist with helping families and children with all things regulation and relationships. 

What does ATP stand for? (ATP= Assistive Technology Professional) Stacy has her certification in "Assistive Technology (AT)" which means, directly from this website RESNA certification is "The ATP certification recognizes demonstrated competence in analysing the needs of consumers with disabilities, assisting in the selection of appropriate assistive technology for the consumers' needs, and providing training in the use of the selected devices." This means that Ms. Stacy can assist you or your child with needs beyond the traditional scope of OT. Find out more about AT at this website. Reach out to Ms. Stacy with any questions!